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Branko Čičić
Branko Čičić

Ayurveda Association Serbia, “Maharishi College of Perfect Health“, Belgrade, Serbia


According to the World Health Organization, Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world that is practiced continuously. It is considered the most complete knowledge and science of healthy living. According to the Vedic scriptures, until the end of the Middle Age, essential oils have been used for religious, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. They were "re-discovered" in the 20th century by the French chemist Gattefossea and the French doctor Valnet, which are considered the fathers of modern aromatherapy. Medical application of essential oil involves consultation with a professional advisor who is knowledgeable in Vedic aromatherapy and possesses apropriate practical and scientific knowledge. Such therapy can lead to achieving exceptional results in the prevention and treatment of many acute and chronic diseases that often can not be treated in any other way, although this is not the only way to experience the harmonizing and healing effects of these valuabe natural substances. With certain knowledge about essential oils, their recreational use can contribute to the harmony and balance in one's life and to strengthening the immune system and thus, to the reinforcement of the selfhealing body mechanisms.



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