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1000-seed weight




anthocyanins aboveground biomass agro-physical characteristics above-ground biomass antioxidants antimicrobial activity antioxidant activity antibacterial properties aucubin antimicrobial activity anisi fructus anisi aethroleum A.artemisifolia A. graveolens activity antioxidant activity arnica antifungal activity antagonism anise fruit Agrobacterium rhizogenes Ayurveda aromatherapy Anethum graveolens antimicrobial properties. analgesia Acanthella acuta Anti-tumor acitivity Allium sp. antiradical potential antimicrobial properties Apiaceae antioxidant antifungal potential Asplenium ceterach aschersoniana anti–quorum sensing anti-age antibacterial antifungal analgetic activities antineurodegenerative activity Ananas comosus (L.) antioxidant capacity antiviral activity Althaea officinalis anacetum parthenium (L.) Schulz Bip. Asteraceae acid value autotetraploid attitude Annona muricata Azadirachta indica Antifungal activity Artemisia annua L. acetylcholinesterase Amorpha fruticosa L. antibacterial activity Alchemilla vulgaris Asystasia gangetica antioxidant activities Antifungal Alzheimer’s disease anatomy antioxidant potential Antioxidant activity antimicrobial apple cider vinegar additive effect Alternaria alternata antibacterial potential antibiofilm potential


blackberry basil biostimulators. bigroot geranium bio fertilizer biological control Bacillus sp. isolates bronchial asthma bactericidal bacteriostatic black cumin Bacillus biological control biological activity bioherbicides biofilm biological activities bioactivities benefit biological properties birch bark birch leaf


cyanidine content of Ca C. acaulis C.utzka (C. acanthifolia) C. vulgaris chamomile Coriander carrot control chemical analysis cardiovascular disease chromatography. cytotoxic activity Cucurbita maxima Cucurbita moschata chicory chlorogenic acid cell cycle Candida spp. carotenoids CA chokeberry cannabis cultivation crop density Cydonia oblonga cytotoxicity cell growth Centaurium erythraea Rafn Citrus reticulata Candida species Corn Steep Liquor cost Compritol® 888 ATO chemical characterization Chemical composition C. monogyna C. oxyacantha cardiotonics cholinesterase inhibition Combined pharmacognostic and chemical research cupric ion reducing antioxidant potential chemical composition challenge test carvacrol


DHHT digestive system diabetes. drug delivery dry extract drug diploid double emulsions Drink dermatological complaints


elagic acid essential oil ethnobotany ethnomedicine essential oils everlasting extraction process optimization estrogenic activity ergotamine Essential oils extraction extracts Echinophora sibthorpiana edible mushrroms extrusion extraction method ethanolic extract essential oil profile economy ethnopharmacology extraction solvent essential oil composition Epilobium angustifolium extraction yield elderberry fruit encapsulation


Fe and Zn flavonoids fungicidal fungistatic flower stalks fennel fern Ferulago macedonica fungi fertilization fatty acids fibrosarcoma Faculty of Medicine Ficus exasperata fruticin free radical fertility forticor®


genus Carlina Geranium macrorrhizum L. germination germination energy (EK) GA3 Ganoderma applanatum gametophyte GC GC-MS gum Arabic genus Thymus gas chromatography Gentiana lutea gentiopicroside Gelucire® 50/13 ginger Gentiana Genus Crataegus glandular trichomes


herbal medicines healing animals hemijski sastav zrna. Helichrysum plicatum herbs herbal preparation http://dx.doi.org/10.5937/leksir1535003S herbal medicine hyaluronic acid HeLa cells Hypericum perforatum hypertension HPLC Human norovirus herb yield herbal extracts hepatoprotective Hyssopus officinalis herbal products hydrodistillation hydrosol hydrolat HPMC haematological profile HD heart failure herb Hawthorn HPLC method herbaceous peonies


ISO 19332 indigenious plants in vitro immortelle inter-row spacing in situ systems isolation zone in silico isolation isogeranic acid isoalantolactone


juice Johnson grass




Lamiaceae lipopeptide extracts of isolates land Lichens L929 cells linssed oil Laurus nobilis labor Lady’s mantle lipid peroxidation Lemon balm lovage lemon balm legal frame liposomes


medicinal and aromatic plants market MAP sector Mg medicinal benefits meat Mentha piperita L. mucosal drug medicinal plants migraine methods for research microdilution method mushroom extract morpological and productivity traits. Mentha piperita mulching medicinal and aromatic plant species mulch film mulch medicinal plant cultivation. MTT assay medicinal mushrooms microincapsulation microencapsulation medicinal plant extract multiresistant methicillin-resistant medicinal plant microparticles morphogenesis in vitro multiple emulsions monosodium glutamate MAHD maceration Medicinal plants morphology mechanical trichomes microwave-assisted extraction Matricaria marigold molecular identification molecular characterization morphological characterization


Nettle nutritional uses non food industry. nervous system Nigella sativa natural products Niš neuroprotective Nepeta pannonica Nepeta nuda L natural deep eutectic solvent


organic mulch Origanum vulgare Origanum heracleoticum organic pelleted fertilizer organic foliar fertilizer organic production Opopanax hispidus optimization oxidative stress optimization of extraction oil content Ocimum basilicum oxygenated xanthones Osijek-Baranja county


polyphenols production of herbal medicines. Ph Eur 6.0 prinos zrna peppermint price phenols compounds pathogenic fungi prevention parthenolide polysaccharides phytopathogenic and saprophytic fungi. precooling treatment parameters of seed quality. producers price. physical methods phytopreparation plant extract pain Plantago sp. planting dates pear phenolics Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 particle size phenolics digestion phenols peel Parmeliaceae phenolic compounds peroxide value polyphenolics plant bioactives encapsulation Pirot County prolonged release phytochemical profile phytochemistry pharmacology phytochemical estimation phytomedicine phytopreparations Parkinson’s disease proteins P. daurica subsp.daurica Andrews peony phospholipids plant-based cosmetics parabens


quinoa Quassia undulata


raspberry requirements for control herbal medicines root yield reproductive system Raphanus sativus root anatomy radical scavenging activity rosemary rose hips


strawberry soil soil type seed fraction South-East Europe Salmonella spp. seed swelling index S. officinalis S. montana seeds sesquiterpene lactones seed bank spontaneous regeneration stem length sowing date stability synergism seed sporophyte solvents solid/solvent ratio spray drying Silybum marianum silymarin Sorbus aucuparia seed germination shoot length secondary metabolites stinging nettle Satureja montana Salvia officinalis sterols. supercritical CO2 extract secoiridoids survey students sustained delivery systems supercritical extraction Soxhlet extraction solubility seasonal variation Staphylococcus aureus subspecies secondary metabolite solvent system Self-preserving spray dry sperm motility synergistic effects Swertia, Gentiana, Gentianella, Anthemis and Tanacetum species sesquiterpene lactones taxonomic markers Salvia sclarea structural analysis storage stability Streptococcus spp


trend traditional medicine trans-β-farnesene temperature T. vulgaris T. serpyllum total germination (UK) Tanacetum parthenium. taxol Tuber sp. tocols time Turkish hazel total polyphenols total flavonoid and total phenolic compounds content the quality of the herbal products TBARs value target delivery tyrosinase traditional application Telekia speciosa tyrosinase inhibition total flavonoids total polyphenol content


Urtica dioca L. ultrasound UV spectrophotometry Usnea Urtica dioica L. Usnea barbata usnic acid Uvaria chamae ultrasound-assisted extraction


vegetative area vigor Veronica spp. Veronica officinalis valerian Valeriana officinalis volatile components volatile compounds viability Vaccinium myrtillus leaves validation


Western Balkans weeds weed control winter savory wild thyme willowherb wall materials water deficit WHO




yield yield.


zeta potential