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Originalan naučni rad– Original scientific paper


Radosav Jevđović ,
Radosav Jevđović

Institut za proučavanje lekovitog bilja „Dr Josif Pančić“, Beograd, Serbia

Goran Todorović ,
Goran Todorović

Institut za kukuruz „Zemun Polje“, Beograd, Serbia

Miroslav Kostić
Miroslav Kostić

Institut za proučavanje lekovitog bilja „Dr Josif Pančić“, Beograd, Serbia


The influence of Epin-extra and cirkon biostimulators in the above-ground biomass yield varieties of basil “sitnolisni”. Research was conducted on three soil types humogley, chernozem and brown forest. The experiment was based direct sowing of seeds on the model completely randomized block design with four replications. Epin- extra first application was the extra dose of 50 ml/ha at the time of basil plant growth (height 20 cm). Another application is in the dose was 40 ml/ha at the stage before flowering plants. The first application of cirkon in the dose was 30 ml/ha at the time of plant growth (height 20 cm). Another application is in the dose was 40 ml/ha at flowering stage of the plant basil. The third option was no application biostimulators and control variant. The highest yield of above-ground biomass basil was achieved on the chernozem soil, and the lowest on the type of soil in the marsh soil. In the variant with cirkon biostimulator achieved very significantly higher above-ground biomass yield of basil varieties with biostimulator epi-extra and control variant.


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